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PHD Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management (MQAEG)

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PhD Goals & Learning Objectives

The goal of the PhD Programme is to promote high skills for scientific research in the area of Quantitative Methods Applied to Economis and Management.

Other specific goals are highlighted below:

To provide the depth and extent of theoretical and methodological knowledge obtained over the 1st and 2nd Cycle Studies and its application to the specialities of this cycle of studies, namely, Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematical Economics and Operational Research;

To strengthen the capabilities, skills and research methods in scientific fields of Quantitative Methods.

To provide advanced training for the pursuit of research, basic and applied science, in this cycle of studies;

To develop the ability to conceive, design, adapt and perform a significant research, respecting the requirements imposed by the standards of academic quality and integrity;

To suport students´ integration into research centers related to these scientific areas, based at the University of Algarve, linking whenever possible individual projects with objectives of those units of R&D.