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PHD Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management (MQAEG)

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PhD Overview

Study programme is  accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).

The course is grounded on relevant research in the area of Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management and takes the benefits of the experience gained in the past with the works of master's and doctoral researchers driven from Faculty of Economics. The format of the study cycle, with a curriculum taught in English, offers an added advantage because makes it appealing for foreign students.

Doctoral candidates to PhD on Quantitative Methods Applied to Economics and Management will find as hosting the Faculty of Economics with a wide range of interests encompassing a variety of approaches and perspectives related to the program. Mutual appreciation among faculty members with diverse interests and approaches characterizes the intellectual atmosphere. Relations between faculty and graduate students are friendly and informal.

We seek for applicants who demonstrate a high interest level to deeply explore the research practices of these doctoral programme specialities, namely, Statistics, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics and Operational Research. Graduates will be prepared to become both accomplished researchers and outstanding teachers in colleges and universities around the world.