Guidelines for Abstracts


Abstracts should follow the IMRAD concept (No more than 2000 words)
        Methods & materials
        Research and Results

The delegates should submit an extended abstract containing at least:

                If the contribution is a case study: explain the information available and the method of deriving conclusions;

                If the contribution has a theoretical narrative: explain the existing knowledge and the value added of the paper compared to it.



Guidelines for Posters


Poster sessions provide a more intimate forum for exchange than do regular paper presentations.

Guidelines for Presenters

     Poster boards mounted on stands will be provided by ATMC organization and placed in rows in the designated meeting room.

    Electrical outlets, projection equipment, and tape recorders will not be provided in the poster session room. All graphics are to be displayed on the poster board. Please note that it is NOT possible to write or paint on the poster boards.

Requirements for Making Posters

     The poster board surface area is A1.

(1) Set up poster 20 minutes before session begins.
(2) Prepare title/author label with lettering at least 1 inch high for the top of your poster space.
(3) Prepare an abstract (300 words or less) with lettering at least 3/8 inches high for the upper lefthand corner of your space.
(4) Indicate clearly the sections and sequence of your materials. Keep it simple. 

Above you have some examples extracted from APA.